Wednesday, March 2, 2011

17 Weeks

Baby's size: A turnip. Weighs about 5 ounces, and is about 5 inches from head to bottom

Belly size: Still about 33" at my widest, which really surprises me because I really felt like I was getting much bigger by the end of last week. (perhaps the rest of me is getting smaller?)

Cravings: I honestly haven't had many cravings this week. I haven't been very hungry even....

Mood: Pretty good. Although I still get choked up at stupid things. I feel good and even tempered most days. It's interesting how I'm evolving in my desire to know the sex of the baby. At first I was dying to know, and was bummed when I didn't find out at 13 weeks. But the closer it gets to the day I'm supposed to find out (2 weeks from tomorrow) the more I'm chickening out about wanting to know. I guess because this is my last. And I really don't want to feel disappointed. I honestly don't know how I'll feel if I find out I'm having another boy, and I'd like to think I'll feel sheer happiness, but what if I do feel disappointed? The honest truth is that I would prefer a girl, but I certainly won't feel any less love for a boy. The practical side of me would be grateful for a boy too. For Jackson's sake and for money savings (since we already have boy stuff). I just can't say for sure how I'll react when I find out, either way, which is making me nervous.

Symptoms: Apparently being pregnant is a pain in the neck! I've been waking up with a stiff neck a lot lately, and this past Saturday it was really bad. I really couldn't move my neck at all until Monday morning, when I woke up with a headache (which I've had ever since) :( I'm sure that drinking a bunch of water would help a little, but I'm kinda crappy at that. And I miss my Advil. I've also had lots and lots of Braxton Hicks. I forgot how frequently I tend to get them. It's several every hour and sometimes are uncomfortable. When I went to the doctor a couple weeks ago, I told her that my arrhythmia seemed to be worse than normal. (It's something that I found out I had after I had Jackson) She gave me an EKG and agreed that it was worse and sent me to see a Cardiologist. I went to that appointment on Monday, and they gave me yet another EKG, only to find it identical to the one I just got the week before, (duh!) and scheduled me for an echo next week. (It's just another way for them to make more money off of me, in my opinion.) I'm quite sure, and the doctor agrees, that it's probably still harmless, but there is a small chance that it could be some sort of condition where pregnancy makes my heart weaker (I forget what he called it) so that's the purpose of the echo on Monday. To rule that condition out. Other than the neck pain, headache, arrhythmia and contractions, I'm feeling pretty good. (And I really don't mean that sarcastically!) I feel better than I've felt in months! I haven't been nauseous and have a little more energy than usual. (Although you wouldn't know it by looking at my dirty house)

Go to clothing: Same as last week. I'm still in my pre-pregnancy pants, with a belly band, and some of my looser ones I can still button. Also in bigger non-maternity shirts sometimes, but I've been sticking to maternity tees for the most part with non-maternity cardigans or sweaters. Yoga pants are awesome too!

Sleep: Meh, this has gotten quite a bit more uncomfortable this week. It seems that every time I wake up, some part of me is asleep. Usually an arm or hand or foot or something. I'm not great at sleeping on my side, and tend to wake up on my back a lot. That puts a lot of pressure on my insides (with my big uterus and all) and tends to make my lower half go to sleep. When I sleep on my sides, I tend to have my arm in an uncomfortable position and it goes to sleep. Last night when Jackson woke up and wanted a drink of milk at 4 in the morning, trying to get the cup, pour the milk, and put the sippy lid on was quite comical with one arm asleep! I also got my first charlie horse while sleeping last night. Those were pretty common last time around, and they hurt like a bitch!

Baby movement: I've felt a ton of movement this week. I have even been able to feel it from the outside (with my hand) a bunch. Eric has tried to catch it too, but he's not sure if he felt it or not. Last night I had a dream that the baby was moving a ton and I woke up to some pretty serious kicks!


  1. I'm so jealous you are feeling such strong kicks already! I can't wait until I can feel them on the outside.

  2. Well, a strong kick is relative! What I'm feeling now won't even compare to what I'll feel in the coming months, but I definitely feel it!